Experienced, daring, innovative!

Get infected with our energy and passion for high performance!

We were the first company in the Brazil to offer Cloud technology and the vision of being at the side of the entrepreneur in helping the administration that generates profitability in the fitness segment
Now we will expand our solution tho the world!

We breathe technology, but it is a medium.
We really love getting involved.
Giving full support to people who transform lives and promote well-being.
Whether it's bodybuilding, yoga, dance or Crossfit.
We form a pact with each client for a true transformation of businesses and lives.


We are proud of our history

Since 1999 conquering and sharing with you all. We are the company with the most praised management system and experience for fitness and wellness businesses on the market, and our results prove it!


users performing their routines daily

+1.3 Million

of members receiving training through our platform

BRL 1 Billion

in transactions (mark reached in July/22)


+180 Employees

who really get involved!


We believe that change starts from within. This is our purpose when we understand that, for quality of life to really exist, our customers need to be supported to build a solid business that transforms people's lives.


We simplify fitness management using humanized technology and data intelligence to ensure high performance results.


Pacto Software is a complete online fitness/wellness business management platform, from training to advanced finance, through student control and CRM with its own methodology. We created these tools to ensure that our purpose of performing the management and results of our clients are fulfilled.

We point out the best way, but our differential is to walk together with you.


• Culture and promotion of innovation

• We point and lead industry change on the tangent of technology

• We show our “nerd” side without fear #WeAreNerds


• People get involved

• We are focused on developing experiences

• We show our human side

Sistema de Controle para Escolas de Esportes de Areia


• Passionate and expert in the fitness world

• We support business well-being to encourage people's well-being

• Technology is the means, the end will always be the well-being, of people, of business

Results that impact you, your business and your customer!


Perform the management and financial results of our clients.

Our Mission

Generate the best impact on people and businesses that live and promote well-being.

Our Vision

To be a strategic partner, with methods and certifications in management and referenced as a company trusted by our customers, through an NPS with a score above 50.